Aco Studio

from 2008

Ali Nadjian:

Founder, Art Director and Photographer

Determining the attitudes of projects / implementing projects including staged, advertising (product and fashion), architectural and landscape photography.

Ramyar Manouchehrzadeh:

Founder and Photographer

  As a professional photography studio, We possess approximately fifteen years of work experience in several photographic projects including portrait, architectural, advertising, product and artistic.

As academic people and artist, Our major concern in photography is its aesthetic aspects and photo impact on audience. Our relative success in artistic projects (participating various important photo exhibitions) indicates this attitude quite well. Techniques of photography are our other key concern; because We believe photography is an art dependant on using instruments and technique perfectly.



   2006-PresentArt Director and Founder of ACO Photo Studio, IRAN and DANMARK

Determining the attitudes of projects, implementing projects including: staged photography, advertising (product and fashion), architectural photography and environmental photography

   Architectural projects (selected):

2010-2011, Collaboration with VAV studio Architectural Consulting Eng., IRAN

   [Photographing from interior, exterior, editing and presentation]

2009-2010, Collaboration with CARBON studio Architectural Consulting Eng., IRAN

   [Photographing the scale model]

2009-2011 & 2005-2006, Collaboration with Tehran Municipality

   [Tehran Landscape photography for urban designing projects]

2002-2003, ZAAD BOOM Architectural & Urban Consulting Eng., IRAN

   [Photographing architectural and urban projects]

2000-2002, ARIZAN Architectural & Urban Consulting Eng., IRAN

   [photographing architectural and urban projects/cityscape photography]

1997-2000, MOSTAFA HOOSHANGI scale model & physical model Co., IRAN

   [Scale modeler and Photographer]

   Advertising projects (selected):

2009-2014, Collaboration with PADIDE SHIMI PAYDAR Industrial Groups, IRAN

   [Product photography and Teaching photography]

2009-2010, Collaboration with IRANKHODRO Vehicles Manufacturer, IRAN

   [Photographing from equipments & Lab. For their annual catalog]

2008-2012, Collaboration with IBBF, IRAN Basketball Federation

   [Photographing for annual journal & sports matches]

2008-2010, Collaboration with HAKIM Pharmaceutical Co., IRAN

   [Product and equipment photography for monthly journals & catalogs]

2007, Collaboration with PISHGAM FOAM TEHRAN Co, IRAN

   [Product photography]

2007, Collaboration with ROJIN watch assembling Co., IRAN

   [Product photography]

2006, Collaboration with IRAN & UKRAIN Cooperation Institute of Industrial Science,     IRAN, [Environmental photography]

2006, Collaboration with TAFAZOLI Porcelain Co., IRAN

   [Product photography]


2011 – 2013, Lecturer “Cityscape and Portrait courses”, Isfahan Art University, IRAN

2010 - 2012, Lecturer “Cityscape and Portrait courses”, Semnan Art University, IRAN

2009 - 2010, Lecturer “Basic photography”, Semnan Art University, IRAN

2010 - 2013, Lecturer “Basic photography”, Mah e Mehr Art Institute, IRAN

2014, Teaching basic photography to class of deaf-mute person, IRAN


2013, Art Supervisor in photography department at MANOOSH Publication

   •Mehran Mohajer photo book “Tehran, Undated/Displaced”

   •Yahya Dehghanpour photo book ”The day she buried in a garden”

2013, Member of Iranian photojournalists association


2008 – 2010, TEHRAN Art University, IRAN

   Master of fine arts in photography

   [Thesis: The Effect of Photographic Academic education on IRAN Artistic Photography after the revolution, graduate with excellent grade]

2000 – 2006, TEHRAN University, Faculty of Fine Arts, IRAN

   Bachelor of fine Arts in Photography

   [Final project title: My somnambulism (self portrait), graduate with excellent grade]

1997 - 1999, Soore University, School of Architecture, IRAN, Bachelor in architecture


2014“Good news from Iran”, Art museum of Munich, Munich, Germany (In collaboration with Ramyar Manouchehrzadeh)

2014“Burnt Generation”, the terrace rooms, Somerset house, the strand, London, UK. (In collaboration with Ramyar Manouchehrzadeh)

2013 “The Interior”, India, Pix Magazine, Delhi Photo Festival

2013(solo)“Domino”, Silk Road Art Gallery, Tehran, IRAN (in collaboration with Ramyar Manouchehrzadeh)

[This collection depicts the Iranians and their problems in a possible war in future.]

2013“Middle Eastern Photography”, (Curated by Hester Keijser), the slide-show presentation, International Festival of Bangladesh, Chobi Mela VII

2012“conversation21: image“, LSE Middle East Centre, Atrium Gallery, London, UK(in collaboration with Ramyar Manouchehrzadeh), Conversation21: image

2012“Survivants”,(Curated by mojgan endjavi-barbe) “le Commun” Batiment d’Art Contemporain(BAC),Genève, Swiss(in collaboration with Ramyar Manouchehrzadeh)

2011“Iranian photography, a look at contemporary art in Iran”, “La photography Iranienne”, Published by Editions Loco, Paris.

2011(solo)“Ice”, Silk Road Art Gallery, Tehran, IRAN (in collaboration with Ramyar Manouchehrzadeh)

[This collection is about Iranian presidential election and its events in 2009.]

2010“Paris Photo”, louver Museum, Paris

2010(solo)“We Live in Paradoxical Society”, Silk Road Art Gallery, Tehran, IRAN(in collaboration with Ramyar Manouchehrzadeh)

[This collection is about Iranian today lifestyle and depict a duality inside and outside Iranian homes.]

2008(solo)“SABA”, Silk Road Art Gallery, Tehran

2006(solo)“Tehran; Midnight”, MAH e MEHR Gallery, Tehran

[This collection is about an Iranian young man and his relation with his town.]

2005(solo)“KABOL these days”, Faculty of Fine Arts Gallery, Tehran University

2002“AAYDAA”, Aazaad Art Gallery, Tehran