Tehran; Midnight



Be among your townsmen and yet be an outsider!

Be a townsman of exhausted & agitated people. Exhausted of living a futile life and agitated of political and social pressures. Like no townsman but like wander ghosts, uninterested to my present, to my barracks.


Tehran; Midnight, beyond the life of the city

This time, they are very much interested. More like a spy. They talk me and you, stalkers who aimed for the freedom. I guess neither of us ever tasted the pleasant flavor of the freedom.


Bare feet and no shirt

I’m trying to narrate that part of the story, which my kind of people has with their nostalgic present and yet being strange in their hometown, the part with odd people and full of paradox.

These photos tell the story of the loneliness of me and my city, a city full of filth, a city full of my memories, memories of different times, different places, and a city that I love.